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Why Go for an Online Press Release Distribution Service

The ability to accelerate and streamline the publication of your press release is the main benefit of using an internet service. But there are other benefits to consider.

Lets You Save Time for Other Important Tasks

Even if you understand the benefits of press release distribution, when you do not have the time to do this by yourself you are likely to start slacking off.  But this is not an issue with an online service. You will just have to write the release and upload it to the system. And the service takes care of the rest.

Affordable For What You Get In Return

Any business’ lifeblood is marketing. Because of this you have to keep enough money for marketing-related tasks that include the need to distribute press release. If you take into account what you get in return, distribution service expense is worth the money. Apart from getting your news release in front of many outlets, there is no need for you to spend your time to do it.

There Is a Possibility of Your Release to Go Viral

Because of the huge number of submissions, the tendency of your release to go viral is much greater when compared to a DIY approach. The more outlets which pick up your press release the more people will read your story. And the probability of this individual sharing information is greater.


If you prefer to distribute your own press release, you may stay on track for 2 weeks and then forget about this approach for a few months. A pr distribution service can help you automate this task. You write five press releases at the start of the month and from there you can get your release distributed every week throughout the month. After you write and submit your press release, you are already set for the next 30 days.

Monitor the Results Of Your Efforts

Taking on this task without outside help will leave the tracking of the results a hit-or-miss. Surely, you will likely to know if your press release is published; however, it may slip through the cracks.

A reputable online press release distribution service offers tools to track results. You will be able to get statistics on the name and number of outlets which published your press release as well as a list of URLs that point towards every published press release.

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